Time To Go

I’ve got all this time, I’m just running through windows
I can’t see what’s going through your place
Take me out of here,
Over the shoreline, get some sun upon my face

So many things I could sky away from here
So many things I take away my fears
So many things I’m just away from here
Say it again, by now

I find all this love swimming around me, take me over there so I can drown
I hear whispers on, over my shoulders do I turn around to look and gaze

There is concern, help it out here
Find some other chance in time
Now climb over away, out of the shadows
Don’t you know it now, its time to go

Well I run around in and out here stumble on the ground to my knees
Stare at all this world spinning in circles, don’t you know it now, its time to go


E. 25th

Now I walk onto, the street that calls my name so right
And take a few of these faces that I’ve seen
Or was it you, the street that plays games all day long, we don’t need nothing new cause I could stay here all my life

I could take a walk just to find out what you said, I could take your smile and cover it
All these things we love to say, but never say them anyway 

I wish I could know everyone there was to know
I’d stop and say hello to every soul passing me by
We always think we have more time than is real, but it seems oh so short when your coming to the 

3 days till next year

As I playback now, the tape of the year
Its not where I thought we’d be, still not where I feared

There’s only 3 days, till the ball drops down, where’s the year
I’m still in this town
So many plans and faces to see, hurry now, there’s 3 days till next year

Remember that friend, that you meant to call
All of those things that you said, but never could do  



I’m staring out the window, at this town I never set my foot here before
One eye shut the other open, never knowing what’s in store
Stars fall raining on this car, pull over its time to hit the bar, have a little sip to clear your mind

And it hurts me to look into the mirror, my how it all seems so much clearer
When you step out of your kind
And it hurts me, to sit upon this stool sipping down my fuel, as I reflect about my time here

Had I just drove on home, where would I be today
We say life is about choices, yet we still delay
Stop now its time to end this thrill, don’t you think you’ve had your fill for this life


Where Did We

I could fly so much higher all alone with you
Left foot right foot up on the floor think of all the crazy things to do
Sweat pours out now raining from your veins
The mouth it all stops at words but sounds they take the reigns

There’s so much more and you know I'm working hard here
The pillows dance and grab us in the moonlight
We cant do much better than last night
Where did we leave our lives

Hours pass turn into days where did all the sun go
Up and down all around so many things you never thought you'd know
We could take it slower why stop it all now
The look I get all the time its under your brow you know


One More Day

One more day
Ill be done with this
So there’s no amiss
Disguised for this kiss
To me

One more night
I have to end this trip
No more attached at the hip
No more with this script to me

One more hello
Just to take some relax
Take this off our backs
Throw down these slacks
To me

One more time
To remove from this rhyme
Starting up this climb
Now its summertime
To me 

One more day its all to be
No more bigotry
Only harmony to me


Next Right

The doors swing open
Smell the taste so good
Forever more

Wake up tonight
Push the sheets aside
Can you live with yourself

You may find that in time its help yourself or else
Watch these days go by trip by trip its your next right or wrong

Left to right we slide in and out of touch
sorry to be a crutch
Decisions to be made, excuses to be bought
At least that’s what you thought

You’re locked out of the room
You need 5 min more what is she a whore
Stop go ahead and think sorry did I make you blink
Or were they closed the whole time



As I walked through your valleys now, I took some notes and wrote them down
There were faces and spaces that I couldn’t see, now I’m lost forever more

I could be your man don’t you see tonight
I could write 3 millions stories for us

Watch it with me our video as it plays
It’s in 3-D and it won’t end till we’re done

And there’s too much running around, there’s not one else that needs to be found
Taking it real slow, my only speed now, no matter what, you’re still my number 1

On this trip that spilled through the night, I knew then what I know now
There was gold and so many others there, it didn’t matter I’d made up my mind



Making My Bed

Finding out, what I see, and what I couldn't
 All these days, they run by, o so slowly, up inside your face
 We used to laugh, we used to run, we used to sit'
 We used to watch, we used to go and we used to cry

 I can't take your face no more
 It's a chore inside my head
 Why does it always feel like, I'm making my bed, with you

 I could go, all night long, reciting these verses, and into the day
 The car window rolls, down so slow, your hair is dancing up inside the wind
 We used to laugh, we used to run, we used to sit
 We used to watch, we used to go and we used to cry


My Ways

Pick it up and take me through the maze tonight
Watch and listen closely I've got all the answers right
Pick it up how could you say you’re right again
Don’t bother with explaining its not worth the oxygen

Pick it up there's too much to be heard now
He said she said listen to me somehow
I don’t think you heard me mister
Your still not quite there yet to be with her, I want it my way

Pick it up with patience never had that before
Words they pass right through me like she walks out the door
Pick it up can’t take it your always right with me
Words they twist and turn me like bottles out to sea


Corner of Jerusalem

Put on this belt, and buckle it up tight
 Cross over now, in the silence of night
 "I was just there eating dinner in the square,
 the glass shattered like a man in despair"

 There's too many people now
 Turning to ashes on the ground
 The Corner of Jerusalem
 Well she cries no she cries… When you look into her eyes

 Take a walk with the trigger in hand
 Through this grave, or was it holy land
 "Well mom I was just on the bus to school
 a flash of the light and there were no rules"


 Fire now, well the target's locked on
 Nails sail high before the new dawn
 "I was just there dancing in this club
 How could I know it's the last night for love"

 And when we walk hand in hand
 Peace all around no one in command
 And when we can talk to our neighbors again
 Share some love now, no need to pretend



Well I see more than I like to see and I hear more than I like to hear
Just take me from these hands of angels to a place where I’m going to be free

I trust more than I like to trust, and I lie more than I like to life
Just tie my eyes inside out now, to a place where I’m going to be free

And if I am far, ill run to you
Across the desert and over the mountains too
When I reach water I’ll tip-toe across the waves
Into eternity as I dance and stumble in this gaze

Well I hate more than I like to hate and I love more than I like to love
Just shove me off this spiral staircase to a place where I'm going to be free

I please more than I like to please and I fake more than I like to fake
Just break me from the hands of angels to a place where I'm going to be free