Hi, I’m Keith, thanks for stopping by.  

I write songs because the feeling I get when I create something new, play it on stage and then hear people react is unlike anything I’ve experienced on planet earth. In a sentence, I want to share that feeling with the world. Things I’m about: love, cooking for friends, trying out new countries and making people feel positive.  I value family, learning and growth. 

If you’re on a subway, on a boat, on a plane, going for a run or relaxing with your friends, my goal is to make music you want to listen to. To give you an example of what I’m trying to accomplish....someone named:  ‘RedFin Runner’ posted a review on the iTunes Store of one of my old records that said:

‘These songs are emotionally uplifting and the best to listen to on my early morning run. Catchy tunes and earnest! Each song a hit with me.’ 

So yes, that is what I’m going for. I swear I don’t know this person, never met them but somehow we connected on a different level and it’s special. 

I’m currently working on a new EP entitled ‘Songs from a Cliffside’ I can’t wait to share it with you this Spring. In the meantime, if you’d like to collaborate or just want to talk about songwriting send me an email at:


I hope you love the music and I hope to hear from you soon.